Chat with a watermelon seller….

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this is an unbelievably inane podcast about a watermelon seller….ah well, it’s my first time…


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i’d like to dedicate this post to song lyrics

i know it sounds sappy, but some of these words have actually helped and given me insight in many situations and some of them have cracked me up!
1.  Smiling through denial, my speciality..i thought that was a good thing for awhile. you gave me all your secrets were you testing me…how could i do anything but smile? (Lou Barlow-Legendary)

2. All the best women are married all the handsome men are gay, do you feel deprived? (Robbie Williams-Supreme)

3. Life’s too short to be afraid, take the pill to numb the pain, you don’t have to take the blame(Robbie Williams-Strong)

4. It’s just a bittersweet symphony, that’s life. Trying to make ends meet you’re a slave to money, then you die.(The Verve-Bittersweet symphony)

5. One and one is two, but three is company. (The Verve-History)

6.  Always seems to me, you only see what people want you to see. (Oasis-Whatever)

7. Made a meal and threw it up on sunday, i’ve got a lot of things to learn. (Oasis-Stand by me)

8. Let’s all make believe, cos we’re still friends and we like each other. Let’s all make believe, cos all mankind’s going to feed our brother. Let’s all make believe, cos in the end, we’re going to need each other. (Oasis-Let’s all make believe)

9.  Crazy are the people walking through my head, one of them’s got a gun, to shoot the other one..yet together they were friends at school. (Seal-Crazy)

10. How long shall they kill our prophets,While we stand aside and look?  Some say it’s just a part of it:
We’ve got to fullfil the book. (Bob Marley-Redemption Song)

(to be updated later)

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smells like teen spirit….

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bharat(my brother) and i at a wedding….usually happy affairs, brat and i have our bunch of wedding woes. and this is predominantly because we’re forced to do manual labour(read: arranging fruits, plates,saris and the whole nine yards(of the saris themselves!))…but the worst job to be stuck with is greeting people at the door. this is where we encounter strange relatives enquiring about us(who are they?) and ambi thatha(who?). now the job could be entertaining when you’re drenching the people you absolutely hate with rosewater, refusing to give your cousin sweets. but this sugar high comes crashing down when an obscure relative comes upto you and asks you this question…’yenna…theriyardha?(do you recognise me?) i saw you when you were ‘this'(recreating a ball sized object with both hands) small’….now if i was indeed THAT small, how the hell am i supposed to remember you? but to make you feel extra bad and to embarrass you further, they’ll know what exactly you’re upto and know everything about you…from where you’re studying to what your fav beatles’ song is(courtesy mother etc)…now what do you do in this situation….my brother and i try the fluke method…mentioning them by their tag..thatha/mami/athimber…and vaguely connecting them to people you might know. the other is when you give up and admit that you don’t remember. the former rarely works…the latter means you’re an embarrassment to the family for the rest of the wedding, cos believe me, they will bring it up at every oppurtunity.

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new beginnings…

January 28, 2008 at 11:07 am (Uncategorized)

so i’ve created a new blog….no particularly interesting reason as to why i created it. i would love to say i missed expressing myself online, missed my blog pals and the baseless, absolutely mind numbing commenting sprees on inane things, missed getting taunted and spammed by random idiots who picked on everything i said(or tried to sell me the strangest things)…but that’s not the reason. you see, i was forced. no, nobody put a gun to my head and said ‘create a blog NOW…OR ELSE’ but it’s part of a workshop and he felt that it was necessary to create a blog. and since my other blog( was too dead to revive…i decided to create a new one.

it wasn’t my first choice. when it comes to creating emails, blogs or any kind of internet account i never get to use my first choice unless i give something as wacky and obscure as ‘beforetheplunge'(whatever that meant)..anyway, the only reason for the ‘curse of not being able to use your first choice of name’ is exactly that. my name. because invariably i end up using my name as my first choice. and that’s lakshmi. i don’t know why i was called lakshmi. my mother just says she liked the name. i think it’s okay…except it’s a bit too common..especially in my family.

i can count at least 10 lakshmi’s in my family…and i’m sure there are more in the extended family(aiyo my mami is your kolu paati)….but at any family function,especially a wedding…someone says ‘lakshmi!!’ and at least five people respond. it can get pretty annoying, especially when you’re doing something more constructive(like eating sugary treats…or annoying a little kid, or having a quiet drink with your cousins at the side). but that’s how it is. i’m lakshmi. and i’m going to remain lakshmi for the rest of my life…which is why when (if) i have a daughter i’m going to name her something weird…like ahalya..or ok i honestly haven’t thought this through.

the good AND VERY BAD thing about having a name that every other person on the street is named(could also be variations like ananthalakshmi,dhanalakshmi,santhanalakshmi,lakshminarayan!) is that you get tagged with numerous nicknames…like laksher was one of them. before that it was lakster the waster…lakki…letchmi///letchmitnot(!)..kummi…kumster…loki(i was christened by a charming oriyan!)…but the worst one i got had nothing to do with my nickname…BUFFY. why i got this, i still don’t know..and my best friend sara started randomly calling me this when we were 12….it caught on. quickly. so far and wide that my teachers called me buffy(without having a clue that it was related to a slightly deranged,spunky idiot who killed vampires) and girls would giggle when we sang hymns with the word ‘angel’ in it, cos angel was buffy’s love interest(no she WASN’T a progressive,lesbian vampire slayer..angel was short for angelus) on the damned show. it stopped after she left school. nobody called me that again. but she still does.

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Hello world!

January 28, 2008 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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